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Our Pool Care Philosophy

We believe in the principle that less equals more.  Swimming pools should always stay simple to maintain and that fewer chemicals means safer and cleaner water for your family to enjoy.

Let us do the work after storms blow through town.  Free estimates on clean-ups. 

Energy Saving Pumps and Motors

Cleaner water with less power

Learn about how to cut your pool energy costs in half with the installation of a variable speep pump or motor.  As experienced pump consultants and installers, we will ensure that your pump or motor receives all the current rebates, warranties and proper programming to maximize your investment.

Does Herbie need attention?

Bring in your cleaner for a free diagnosis

Pool cleaners work hard every day of the week and of course that means occasional maintenance is required to keep them moving around your pool.  We offer honest assesments of your cleaner's needs by our experienced technicians.  We strive to return your cleaners back to their reliable selves quickly, often while you wait.  So before you throw away your little pool helper let us bring him back to life.

Pool Cleaning and Repair Services

weekly service, one time cleanups, filter cleanings, onsite repairs and more

We offer a full range of pool care services from weekly maintenance to onsite equipment repairs.  Our staff is trained to diagnose problems quickly and provide the lowest cost solutions to keep your pool running efficiently.   

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